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Offline mobile application that shows Duke research. Miskolc [email protected] MTA SZTAKI. Full audio sightseeing content, tourist information, offline map for Miskolc. Törökbálint [email protected] MTA SZTAKI. Roland Eötvös - physicist, geophysicist and innovator of higher education. APPLICATIONS. COMMUNITY. Besides the comprehensive basic- and application-oriented research activities we also put great importance on the profitable exploitation of the particular knowledge and experience acquired, in the fields of research and development, system–integration, consultancy and software development. MTA SZTAKI’s. MTA SZTAKI online szótár. Magyarország legkedveltebb szótár szolgáltatása.

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Our fundamental task is to perform basic and application-oriented research in an interdisciplinary setting in the fields of computer science and information technology. Contract-based target research, development, training and expert support for domestic and application sztaki industrial, governmental and other partners are also important activities at the Institute. The aim of this project is to application sztaki and evaluate a computer-based methods for automated and improved detection and classification of different colorectal lesions, especially polyps.

Application sztaki and well scheduled building of bridges between the physical and digital worlds, a special readiness for innovative adaptation, answers to challenges in a prompter way than any time before, including bold steps to be made concerning innovation.

The European manufacturing industry is facing challenges in terms of adaptability, flexibility and vertical integration. The SYMBIO-TIC project adresses these important issues towards a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost effective working environment were inmersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots can take place. Intro video Play. Search Search. The augmented and virtual reality technologies are already well known in the game and entertainment industry. Nevertheless, application sztaki, the potential of these technologies could offer a lot to other industrial segments like production engineering.

Therefore, augmented and virtual reality technologies more often used for increasing the profitability. However, application sztaki, the possibilities of the integration into any industrial software system just currently forming - SZTAKI is one of the pioneer, application sztaki. Ambassador of Germany in our Institute. His Excellency, Mr, application sztaki. Necrology - dr. On the 23rd of June,dr.

Pulse measurement with mobile phone. A mobile phone contains numerous sensors, which can perform tricky measurements.

The results of these measurements can be used in exciting applications either in the real or in the virtual world. Important target field of these apps is the health monitoring, fitness, and the corresponding physiological measurements. In this application area, SZTAKI has application sztaki a non-contact pulse monitoring system that can measure the heart rate of a human or an animal with a single camera. The next generation of robots could be entering the workplace alongside humans, but this first needs some collaborative principles to be established.

The first 4 months following the introduction of the new software system facing extremely busy operational periods proved the full operability of the system and showed its many application sztaki. The national scientific publication registr The Web is 30!

Honoured contribution to the EU Industry Days EU Industry Days focused on key industrial challenges such as sustainability, application sztaki, digitalisation, investment and globalisation. The event, on February, demonstrated how EU industrial policy benefits European citizens and provided input for future policy making. EU Industry Application sztaki gathered around 1, participants from across Europe and beyond, including stakeholders representing industry, trade unions, national application sztaki regional authorities, application sztaki, and civil society.

Peter Kovacs gives a speech on open-source virtual reality software library called ApertusVR in Munich. Previous September Next. ApertusVR is a MIT licensed, application sztaki, open source, platform independent programmers library, which delivers a new perspective of integration of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies on fields such as research, industry, or application design.

Due to the scalability, and distributed approach, the applications developed with ApertusVR are easy to couple with already existent applications, withou Design and management of production networks. Intensification of competition and developments such as market-driven and customer-focused supply chains forced companies to become parts of complex production and logistics networks, instead of producing in isolation.

In the future only companies will be competitive which are capable of ensuring the effectiveness of their entire supply chain. To achieve a competitive edge and shorter time to mark Production planning and optimization.

Customer-oriented manufacturing companies need production planning tools that help them to fulfill orders in a fast and flexible way. At the same time, these tools should keep production costs as low as possible, and eliminate all the unnecessary fluctuations of the production load. These challenges can only be met if companies exploit state-of-the-art planning technologies to their full potential Reactive programming consultancy and workshops.

As a result of this activity, a new application family was created under the name of GUIDE HAND that application sztaki able to meet a wide variety of aspects of life in today's age and trends.

The first such mobile application served for tourist purposes and was granted with several prizes in Hungary and abroad Plagiarism search. Read more. Industry 4.



application sztaki


Application update with the newest functions of [email protected] application family. Information. Seller MTA SZTAKI Size MB. Category Travel. Compatibility. Requires iOS or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages. English. Age Rating Rated 4+ Location. SZTAKI SSS® Technology (Synchron Slide and Stream) - application for archiving presentations and conference materials, capable of displaying videos and presentations in a synchronous manner Specific and generic training materials for Web and mobile platforms (e.g., eCourse on "KRESZ" rules of the road, Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Multiplatform (Web and mobile) English training material for . In this application area, SZTAKI has developed a non-contact pulse monitoring system that can measure the heart rate of a human or an animal with a single camera.