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Glo mobile has two special BlackBerry plans for prepaid subscription to BB services. BIS Monthly is a BlackBerry data plan that offer 30 days unlimited data access on a BlackBerry device. BIS Weekly offer 7 days data access on a BlackBerry device. Jul 08,  · Latest list of Glo Data Plan & bundles for Android, all devices with subscription codes & prices.1GB for N; 2GB for N TGIF plan of 3GB for N Glo Data Plan -Daily. With these new plans from Glo, you can get a whole 1GB of data for just N and its valid for 24 hours (a whole day); You can also get a whole 2GB for just N Step 2: Get a LTE Handset or Device from Open market or Gloworld (See Glo 4G-LTE Compatible Phones). Step 3: Buy your Glo data plan. Our data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to Blackberry Plans including plans for Blackberry 10 devices. We offer much more data volumes for much lesser prices.

Cheapest Glo Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

These are the updated cheapest Glo data plans and their subscription codes for the year Still on the mission of making information available to my readers in regards cheap internet data plans to rock on their android, blackberry, iPad, iPhone and computer devices, I have got some information to share.

It is to this fact, I have decided to bring up this post which should aid glo subscribers on how to utilize their glo sim this promo season. Before now, we have talked on how to get 4. We also shared how to get 2. However, I would advise the latter. For blackberry blackberry subscription for glo daily users, the glo bis plan which is comonth tostill happens to be the best plan for those devices.

I am currently using this plan on my laptop via a BB10 phone. This plan also works for lower BlackBerry versions running OS7 downwards. For the data plans, you get 2. You can 4. Those are the cheapest data plans to rock on glo this However, be aware that this data promo is ongoing for four months starting from December 3, If you have any questions relating to this cheap internet data plans from Blackberry subscription for glo daily Nigeria and their subscription codes, you can use the comment form and we will reply you ASAP.

Although this post was initially written inthis is an updated version. The contents here are valid for the month of February and until stated otherwise, they should be valid for subsequent months too.

You can expect to see an updated post if anything chances. Here, i will be stated the cheapest glo data plan for Android, iPhone, iPad and computers. Below are the daily glo internet data plans and their respective subscription codes. The daily internet subscription has a validity period of 24 hours. Currently, glo only offers one weekly data plan. The weekly data plan has a validity period of 7 days, blackberry subscription for glo daily. Below are the monthly glo data plans and their activation codes.

Please be aware that the monthly plan has a validity period of 30 days. Currently, glo offers night and weekend data plan. This plan is only valid during the night time and during the weekend. What this means is, you can either activate the plan to be used during the night, or during the weekend. For more details on this, read here, blackberry subscription for glo daily. Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech.

Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! Bro, or blackberry subscription for glo daily I can get the best and affordable data plan for my s4 any network …. Kindly assist pls. Please I just got my samsung galaxy s4, and am currently also using bold And I want to use blackberry sub on my new s4. I have change the IMEI of my phone but its still not working….

A reader shared blackberry subscription for glo daily on how to root the phone. I already upgraded my phone to 6. Also send me a BlackBerry imei.

Hello Samuel Agency and nice meeting you…. I hope this to. We round I will become so good than I am by your assistance and good teachings… Brother Samuel I will be very happy and so friendly with you if you help me to know all the cheats and procedure to browse free with my glo sim and on other networks and more. Thank you…. Hi Baffour, unfortunately, there is currently no free browsing for now.

At least on the glo network. What we only have is cheap browsing. Can you help me?? Pls sir I hav alread subscribe on my BBM and I want to share it with infinix so dat I can download manytins on dat infinix so isit posible if yes hw to do it. Can i change my IMEI and do glo 1k subscription on it?

I use an Itel nmobile unc is not supported on it. Good morning,i had a 12GB glo subscription currently active on my sim,its gonna expire soon. Hello sir… What kind of subscription for glo I can use on my blackberry bold5 and also share to my pc.

Kip the good work. What kind subscription can I use for glo and also share it to my pc. Urgent reply asap. Kip the good works. Thanks for ur good work, Mr Samuel. Is it compatible for d 3gig for Glo data? If yes, may u kindly guide me on how to change d IMEI. Again, with my phone, can I share d data through Wifi? I av use shortcut master, xposinstaller, imei changer, terminal emulator and spd writer.

The device is not an mtk device. Hey mr sam how are you doing I have been trying to use the glo bis on my laptop with the instructions you stated above but its not working the only thing Blackberry subscription for glo daily notice is that its connecting showing that the system is connected to network but no page has been able to open on the browser pls I do I go about it. D bb imei code I want to use it for my htc one m Pls bro,wat convenient data plan can I use on my pc at d cost of 1k or 1.

If yes wats d code…and also d code for monthly subscription plan for iphone. Pls mr Samuel can i use blackberry imei or on my opsson D1s i want to start using the Glo 1k for 3GB which one will be faster in browsing. Thank you and for your great work to help. Please is it through glo 3gig blackberry bold 5 does not work with laptop blackberry destop device connection? Please sir, which network or data plan would you advise me to use on my Android tablet Techno G9, blackberry subscription for glo daily.

Thank you sir, blackberry subscription for glo daily. July 08 Pls I need the glo code to connect with o modem on my laptop.

All d categories pls! Happy new month bro, please am currently using a Q10 bt am about swapping it for a samsung S4, blackberry subscription for glo daily. You may have to go see an engineer in other for that to be done. But it could cost you some bucks. Pls sir,how can I convert my glo blackberry plan to be able to use on my modem…. Thumb up to you sir. Pls I use an infinix and samsung tab. I will like to know which glo data will be better to use on it.

Hoping to hear from you soon sir. Dear customer, you have been refunded for your recent unsuccessful blackberry subscription. To retry subscribing, please send MENU to Thank you. Kindly please send me the information about the 4, blackberry subscription for glo daily. Can I also use it on a moderm for lap-top? Kindly please send details on how to do it via email, blackberry subscription for glo daily. Sam thanks a lot for the great work u are doing. Of Lenovo tab A and how to go about it.

Thanks 4d information n pls keep up d gud works, pls in ur info u blackberry subscription for glo daily it will run for four month n its May already, Can I still make use of the cheap glo data plan???

Please I would like to have step by step on how to change my infinix zero imei to BlackBerry imei. Thank You! Kindly get back to me asap buddy, blackberry subscription for glo daily.

No Tunde. Although there are some speculations that the IMEI can be changed but i have not been able to verify that changing the IMEI on iPhone will make glo bis plan work on the device. It is owing to this fact that i am actually saying NO. Hello Samuel, blackberry subscription for glo daily, please I want to subscribe for the Glo 4. If you are a prepaid subscriber please try again later.


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blackberry subscription for glo daily


Thankfully, Glo data plans are categorized into different aspect, there is the Glo daily data plans, Glo weekly data plans, Glo monthly data plans, Glo flexi plans, Glo Blackberry Plans, and even subscription plans for Blackberry 10 devices. Mar 05,  · GLO BLACKBERRY SUBSCRIPTION CODES AND PLANS - Globacom Nigeria just has it N monthly Blackberry plan data to be 3GB again, Glo Comonth Blackberry plan which was originally 3GB of data was suddenly reduced to GB of data few months ago. As we all know after the kick-off of Mobile number portability in Nigeria there have been a lot of competitions among the . Glo Blackberry Plans, Subscription Codes and How To Subscribe. Glo BlackBerry Social Daily Plan: Text Soday as a message to for # (24 hours). Glo Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) This plan provides you with all the glo blackberry services available on your BlackBerry smartphone. It has also come with the daily, weekly and monthly.