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Jan 30,  · OnLive Desktop Review: Windows 7 on an Apple iPad. If the name OnLive sounds familiar, it’s because this app comes from the same folks who pioneered cloud gaming with the OnLive gaming service, which is available for Android tablets now and coming soon for iOS. For this business app, OnLive simply stripped away the games and granted access to the Windows Matthew Elliott. In Go Inside. 2 Comments on OnLive Desktop Plus Review for iPad UPDATE: February 24, I was using Internet Explorer via OnLive last night and the speed was so fast I decided to see if I could get quantification for download and upload speeds for the Plus service. Jan 13,  · The free download provides you with access to a cloud-based PC desktop running Windows 7 on your iPad, “whenever and wherever you want it.” OnLive .

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The app is free, and it does not require any previous Ipad onlive desktop review purchases or licenses to use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. With each free account comes 2GB of storage on OnLive's servers, ipad onlive desktop review. The free account delivers access "as available," and I was occasionally denied access before I upgraded to the Plus account.

Before ipad onlive desktop review can use the app, you first need to sign up for an OnLive account from a computer or via Safari on your iPad. You'll need to sign in to your account each time you launch the OnLive Desktop app. Launch the app and you'll see a sparse yet familiar Windows 7 desktop.

A shortcut titled Documents is where you can save and open files to and from your free 2GB of online storage. Along the bottom of the screen is the Windows 7 menu bar with shortcuts to the three Office apps, IE, the keyboard, Surface Collage, Paint, sticky notes, and the calculator. Windows Media Player is on board for playing music or video files, and Windows Photo Viewer takes care of your photo-viewing needs.

You can't install any new applications, you can't change the wallpaper, and you won't find standard Windows items such as the Control Panel. Also, you can't use the standard iPad onscreen keyboard but must settle for the Windows onscreen keyboard, which I find isn't nearly as easy to use. To improve the Windows onscreen keyboard, I suggest you trade out the default Float setting, which gives you a small keyboard you can drag around the screen.

This will give you a keyboard that runs from edge to edge, with slightly larger keys than the floating keyboard. Tabbed browsing is supported, as is Flash, which might be reason alone to use IE instead of Safari at times. For example, you can watch free Hulu videos with IE, which is something you can't do with Safari. Use an Android tablet? Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion, ipad onlive desktop review. Don't show this again. By Matt Elliott. OnLive Desktop delivers a virtual Windows 7 desktop to the iPad.


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ipad onlive desktop review


Jan 13,  · The free download provides you with access to a cloud-based PC desktop running Windows 7 on your iPad, “whenever and wherever you want it.” OnLive . Apr 11,  · OnLive Desktop uses technology developed for its parent OnLive gaming service, which lets you stream high-end video games (that you rent or purchase) to your PC in much the way you'd get an on 3/5. Jan 15,  · Hi this is Shahid here from Onlive Desktop blog. This week I took a look at an app for the iPad that puts the functionality to the iPad that people have been wanting and that is “the ability to use Productivity features of Microsoft office “real Microsoft office on your iPad, the product is called Onlive Desktop.