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About the complete code - the code is quite big and I am not sure if it would be OK to copy/paste someone else's code so I gave the link to the source. Besides, as I can see Vintage Thermometer is well known here on stackoverflow, mentioned in lots of articles. – Chupo_cro Apr 11 '12 at Nov 10,  · Android Thermometer Widget. Contribute to kofigyan/Thermometer development by creating an account on GitHub. An accessory for Android can be anything: keyboard, thermometer, robot, lighting control, or anything else you can imagine. All Android accessories connect to an Android device in some way, so when building an accessory you must consider the type of connections your accessory will use.

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How about powering the device with batteries? Have you experimented with that? Would be nice to have the device running thermometer android source code months or years without direct connection to a power source. Any recommendations on the required parts? Anonymous, there's a continuation post. If you scroll down to the end of that post, there's a picture, how the device looks like now. It runs on 3 AA batteries which is about mAh. The operating voltage range of this circuit is determined by the DHT about 3.

Hence I inserted a 1 Ohm serial resistor and a 3. With regards to power consumption: according to my measurements this circuit draws about mA on average. With the mAh battery pack which are quite ordinary batteriesthat means about 30 days, 1 month. If that is not enough for you, look for specialist batteries like this one.

This is a 17Ah battery, with this battery the device would remain operational for about days. If that's still not enough, you can go higher, e. One thing about batteries: normal, household batteries don't tolerate outside temperatures, look for that too.

I didn't compile your project. I get an errror from keil. Keil said to me an empty initializer is invalid for an array with unspecified bound. Can you send the working full project to my mail? Hakan, this is the working full project in the ZIP file. It was compiled with gcc, you should look at the Makefile that also comes with the project, how to compile it. I never used the Keil compiler and I don't know, what sort of problem it has. Essentially we are constructing here an advertisement packet that does not have any advertised services but does have a service data structure with the measurement data in it.

Hello Gabor, Thanks for your tutorial,it's very informartive. I although have a problem when i try to compile your work on windows. The compiling of the files work until the point where it has to link files. Would you have any idea about a way to solve this error? Yamine, I have experience with version 10 on which this project is based and version 12 on which this thermometer android source code is based. My experience is that porting between these two SDK versions were quite painful.

My advise would be to thermometer android source code to the project with version 12 link is above. Alternatively, you can try to download SDK They are all on the website, older versions just don't have links pointing to them.

Thank you very much for your help. I managed to solve the problem by as you said downloading the SDK The project still didn't compile then. I had to modify the makefile and put the project in a specific folder, i think it's in BLE peripheral examples one and modify the paths to the files you include.

Thanks again for your very helpful tutorial! Post a Comment. My life with Android I built quite many prototypes on this blog with RFDuino thermometer android source code on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF and I can still recommend that small development board to people who want to get initiated quickly and painlessly into the world of Bluetooth Low Energy programming, thermometer android source code.

The limitations of RFDuino became apparent quite soon and it was time to get deeper. On the other hand, I wanted to stay with the excellent nRF so I looked for a breakout board - as simple as possible. So I quickly ordered a no-name thermometer android source code of Waveshare's Core breakout board, thermometer android source code, a Bus Pirate tool and a bunch of DHT sensors because I wanted to measure something in the environment.

Also note that the breakout board has a connector with 2 mm pin spacing which is not the usual 0. It helps if you have a prototyping board with both 2 mm and 0. Generally speaking, following the instructions on Florian's page was easy enough. I ran into two issues. First, I had no success with the SWD programming software he refers to but Florian's fork which is based on an earlier version of the programming software worked well for me.

Second, thermometer android source code, I experienced instability if the GND pins of the breakout are not connected there are 2 of them, thermometer android source code. First about the hardware. The schematic below show only the parts that are connected to the pins of the breakout board, the schematic of the breakout board itself is not included.

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About the blog This blog is a personal diary about my adventures with the Google Android platform. I write it in the hope that others may find my experiences useful but please, beware. The blog is created as I gain experience about the platform myself thermometer android source code errors, omissions, thermometer android source code, etc. Start here You may want to try out the example programs on this page. Start in this blog entry for a tutorial about command-line development for Android SDK.

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thermometer android source code


Thermometer application with nRF and Android Regarding the Android code: this is just the app/src part of the source tree of an Android Studio project. I adopted this rather primitive export method as this super-advanced IDE still does not have code export option that its obsolete predecessor, the Eclipse IDE used to Gabor Paller. May 18,  · By using this sensor, we are going to be able to create a Thermometer Application for Android. Note that you can enjoy this tutorial in video on YouTube: That gives us the following code:Author: Sylvain Saurel. Dec 01,  · We received the Android source code of the app that goes with our cheap Chinese Bluetooth Baby Thermometers! Yay for the Chinese developers! This would enable us to measure people’s temperature continuously using any Android smart phone – were it not for the fact that the thermometers are rather bulky – and have to be charged at least every 36 hours.